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11 Aug

Crazy Ufo

Just lean back and enjoy the fun as you are beeing wisked through the water and try to hold on in the turns not to fall off. Crazy sofa is one of the most popular and extreme water sports in Rhodes island.
11 Aug


Our professionals waterski and wakeboard instructors will teach you with a ground lesson before heading into the water. You will feel confident about the techniques before you enter the water, making your learning experience safe and easy. Any age and any level is welcome to have a go!
11 Aug


Our professional water park is ready for you!. Get ready to explode your summer senses in this beautiful park with full safety and guidance. Floating on the water, right on the beach, Tsambikos Waterpark includes a variety of water attractions for the whole family. Guaranteed fun for all ages!
11 Aug


Either beginner or exprerienced rider do not hesitate to try out water ski in the most suitable sea surface in Rhodes,
11 Aug


It looks like a carousel twisting in the water, totally impressive! Twister can be used by one or two families at the same time!
11 Aug


Whether you had never done it before, or if you are an expert, you can try Sup at our beautiful Tsambika beach
11 Aug


Here you can test your endurance…this is an extreme ride which will give you such a thrill! This ride is for 1 to 3 people, but remember the lighter it is the higher it flies!!!
11 Aug


The banana ride is fun for everyone and takes you on exploring nearby beaches.
11 Aug


Parasailing is a unique sport and you must not miss this fantastic ride over the Aegean sea .
12 Aug

Tubes & Solos

Tubes are an extremely versatile choice, where you can have an easy ride with lots of fun, being pulled gently by the boat or have a sensational experience if you dare. Sitting or laying down? With different kinds you can choose from, fun has no limits.



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